About South Asian Federation of AOTS Alumni Societies

SAFAAS was established in the year 1990 on a proposal made by JASTECA during the AOTS World Convention held in Thailand. The objective was to establish regional federation in the developing world such as Latin America, Africa, Europe and China. With the establishment s of regional federations the respective countries in each region has been coordinating with each other through their alumni societies for international cooperation.

These are targeted towards the friendly coordination among the alumni societies of the region promoting the transfer of technology from one region to the other and also linking up regularly with AOTS Japan for assistance in human resource development and coordination of cultural and educational activities in respective regions.

SAFAAS has taken vast strides in such development activities where trainees from different countries have benefited enormously with such visits and building up long term ties. The SAFAAS counties include Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.